What Does it Mean to be a Parkourer?

Discover the world of parkour and what it means to be a parkourer. Learn about the training, skills, benefits, and famous practitioners of this exhilarating discipline.

Understanding Parkour

Parkour, also known as freerunning, is a discipline that involves moving through urban environments using only the human body to overcome obstacles. Parkourers, also known as traceurs or traceuses, use a combination of running, jumping, climbing, and vaulting to navigate their surroundings in a fluid and efficient manner.

Characteristics of a Parkourer

Parkourers are known for their physical strength, agility, and balance. They possess a keen sense of spatial awareness and are able to quickly assess the environment around them to determine the best route through obstacles. Parkourers also exhibit a high level of mental focus and discipline, as they must constantly push themselves to overcome fear and physical limitations.

Training and Skills

Training is a crucial part of becoming a proficient parkourer. Practitioners work on developing strength, flexibility, and coordination through various exercises such as running, jumping, and core conditioning. Parkourers also practice specific techniques such as vaults, rolls, and precision landings to improve their efficiency and safety while navigating obstacles.

Benefits of Parkour

Parkour offers a wide range of physical and mental benefits. It improves cardiovascular fitness, strength, and agility while also enhancing problem-solving skills and creativity. Parkourers often report feeling a sense of liberation and empowerment when mastering new challenges and pushing their limits.

Case Studies

One notable example of a successful parkourer is David Belle, the founder of the discipline. Belle’s innovative approach to movement in urban spaces has inspired countless others to take up parkour and explore their physical potential. Another case study is Ryan Doyle, a professional freerunner who has won multiple international competitions and worked on various film projects showcasing the art of parkour.


According to a survey conducted by the American Council on Exercise, parkour is a highly effective workout that can burn up to 670 calories per hour. The discipline has gained popularity worldwide, with thousands of dedicated practitioners and communities in major cities around the globe.

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