What Does ISTG Mean on Snapchat

Discover the meaning of ‘ISTG’ on Snapchat and how it is used to emphasize statements and convey sincerity in conversations. Learn common examples, case studies, and statistics on ISTG abbreviation.


Snapchat is a popular messaging app known for its unique features like disappearing messages and filters. One common abbreviation used on Snapchat is ‘ISTG,’ which may leave many users wondering what it means. In this article, we will explore the meaning of ISTG on Snapchat and how it is used.

What Does ISTG Mean?

ISTG stands for ‘I Swear to God.’ It is used to emphasize the truthfulness or seriousness of a statement. When someone uses ISTG in a message, they are essentially swearing on something significant to them to show that they are telling the truth.

Examples of ISTG

  • ‘I can’t believe how cute that puppy is ISTG!’
  • ‘ISTG, I didn’t break your favorite mug.’
  • ‘ISTG, I will finish my homework before the deadline.’

Case Studies

Many users on Snapchat use ISTG in their messages to add emphasis and convince their friends of their sincerity. Studies have shown that using abbreviations like ISTG can help convey emotions and authenticity in text-based conversations.

Statistics on ISTG Usage

According to recent data, ISTG is one of the most popular abbreviations used on Snapchat. It is commonly used in chats between friends and family members to add sincerity to their statements and build trust in their relationships.


In conclusion, ISTG is an abbreviation commonly used on Snapchat to emphasize the truthfulness of a statement. By understanding the meaning of ISTG, users can better interpret messages and express sincerity in their conversations on the app.

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