What does Inquire Mean on Instagram?

Learn about the ‘Inquire’ feature on Instagram and how businesses can utilize it to enhance customer communication and drive sales.

Understanding the Inquire Feature on Instagram

Instagram has introduced a new feature called ‘Inquire’ that allows users to ask questions or gather information about products or services directly from businesses. This feature aims to simplify the communication process between consumers and brands, providing a seamless experience for both parties.

How Does the Inquire Feature Work?

When a user clicks on the ‘Inquire’ button on a business’s Instagram profile, they can send a direct message to the brand with their query. This message appears in the brand’s inbox, where they can respond to the inquiry promptly. This feature enables users to ask about product availability, pricing, services offered, or any other related information.

Benefits of Using the Inquire Feature

  • Instant Communication: Inquire allows for real-time communication between consumers and businesses, fostering a sense of urgency and immediacy in addressing customer queries.
  • Personalized Responses: Brands can offer personalized responses to inquiries, enhancing the overall customer experience and building brand loyalty.
  • Increased Sales: By providing quick and accurate information about products or services, businesses can convert inquiries into sales more effectively.

Case Studies

Many businesses have successfully utilized the Inquire feature on Instagram to engage with their customers and drive sales. For example, a clothing brand saw a 20% increase in sales after implementing the Inquire feature, as customers were able to inquire about sizing, colors, and availability directly through Instagram.


According to Instagram, businesses that respond to inquiries within 24 hours see a 30% increase in customer satisfaction and a 20% increase in conversion rates. This highlights the importance of prompt and efficient communication through the Inquire feature.


The Inquire feature on Instagram is a valuable tool for businesses looking to enhance customer engagement and streamline communication with their audience. By leveraging this feature effectively, brands can improve customer satisfaction, drive sales, and build long-lasting relationships with their customers.

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