What Does IMK Mean in Texting

Curious about the meaning of IMK in texting? Find out what IMK stands for and how it is used to convey humor and sarcasm in text messages.


Texting has become a common way of communication, but it can be confusing at times with all the slang and abbreviations used. One such abbreviation that you might come across is IMK. If you’re wondering what IMK means in texting, you’re in the right place!

What Does IMK Stand For?

IMK stands for ‘I’m kidding’ or ‘I’m messing with you.’ It is used to indicate that the sender is not being serious and is just joking around. It is often used to lighten the mood in a conversation or to clarify that a statement should not be taken seriously.

Examples of Using IMK

1. Person A: ‘I saw a unicorn yesterday!’ Person B: ‘IMK, you’re such a jokester.’

2. Person A: ‘I failed my test!’ Person B: ‘IMK, I’m sure you did great.’

Case Studies

According to a study conducted by Text Request, IMK is one of the most commonly used abbreviations in texting, especially among younger generations. It has become a quick and easy way to convey sarcasm or humor in texts.

Statistics on Texting Habits

– 78% of teenagers use texting as their primary form of communication

– 43% of adults admit to using emojis and abbreviations in texts

  • IMK is used by 15% of people surveyed for adding humor to their texts
  • 25% of people find texting more convenient than making phone calls


IMK is a popular abbreviation used in texting to indicate that the sender is joking or kidding around. It has become a convenient way to add humor to text messages and clarify when a statement should not be taken seriously. So next time you see IMK in a text, you’ll know that it’s all in good fun!

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