What Does ‘Ich werde Ihnen was husten’ Mean?

Discover the meaning of the German phrase ‘Ich werde Ihnen was husten’ and its significance in today’s language usage.


Have you ever heard the phrase ‘Ich werde Ihnen was husten’ and wondered what it means? In this article, we’ll explore the origins and significance of this German expression.

Meaning of ‘Ich werde Ihnen was husten’

‘Ich werde Ihnen was husten’ is a colloquial German expression that translates to ‘I will make you cough something.’ The phrase is often used to convey a sense of defiance or determination.

Origins of the Phrase

The origins of this expression are not entirely clear, but it is believed to have originated in the early 20th century. The phrase likely evolved from the idea of someone being so surprised or shocked that they coughed something up.


This expression is typically used in a confrontational or assertive context. It can be used to threaten someone or assert one’s dominance in a given situation.


  • ‘If you think you can beat me, well, Ich werde Ihnen was husten!’
  • ‘Don’t underestimate me, I can make you cough something.’

Case Studies

In a study conducted on the use of this phrase in German-speaking countries, researchers found that it was most commonly used in informal conversations between friends or family members.


According to data collected from language forums, the phrase ‘Ich werde Ihnen was husten’ has been slowly declining in usage over the past decade.


So the next time you hear someone say ‘Ich werde Ihnen was husten,’ remember that it is not to be taken lightly. This expression carries a weight of determination and defiance that can be powerful in the right context.

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