What does heeljob Heel Job Heel Job mean?

Discover the world of Heel Job in professional wrestling, where villains reign supreme and drama unfolds. Explore the tactics, examples, and statistics behind this intriguing concept.

Understanding Heel Job

Heel Job is a term often used in the professional wrestling world to describe a wrestler who takes on the role of the villain, or the ‘heel.’ In wrestling, the terms ‘face’ and ‘heel’ are used to describe the hero and villain characters, respectively. The heel job is the act of a wrestler portraying the villain in a match, often doing whatever it takes to gain an advantage over their opponent.

Characteristics of Heel Job

Heel job wrestlers are known for their underhanded tactics, cheating, and manipulating the rules to their advantage. They often use dirty tactics such as low blows, eye gouges, and distracting the referee to gain an upper hand in the match. Heel job wrestlers are also known for their arrogant and cocky demeanor, often taunting the audience and their opponents.

Examples of Heel Job in Wrestling

  • Ric Flair: One of the most iconic heel job wrestlers in wrestling history, Ric Flair was known for his cheating ways and dirty tactics in the ring.
  • Hulk Hogan: While he is mostly remembered as a face, Hulk Hogan also portrayed the heel job character in his Hollywood Hogan persona in WCW.
  • Triple H: Throughout his career, Triple H has played the role of the heel job in various storylines, using his cunning and ruthless tactics to win matches.

Case Studies and Statistics

In a study conducted by Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it was found that matches featuring heel job wrestlers tend to draw more attention and higher ratings. Fans are often drawn to the drama and suspense created by the villain character, making them a key element in wrestling storylines.

According to Wrestling Database, heel job wrestlers have a higher win rate compared to face wrestlers. This can be attributed to their willingness to do whatever it takes to win, even if it means bending the rules or resorting to dirty tactics.


Heel job wrestlers play a crucial role in the world of professional wrestling, adding depth and excitement to storylines. While they may not always be the fan favorites, their antagonistic characters provide the necessary conflict and drama to keep audiences engaged. Next time you watch a wrestling match, pay attention to the heel job wrestler and see how they bring the villain character to life.

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