What Does Heel Job Mean? Exploring the World of Heel Jobs

Discover the world of heel jobs in professional wrestling and their impact on storylines and matches. Learn about the characteristics of a heel job and its significance in the industry.

The Basics of Heel Jobs

Heel job, also known as the “Heel Job,” is a term used in the professional wrestling industry to describe a wrestler who plays the role of the villain or antagonist in a storyline. The heel job is responsible for generating heat from the audience, eliciting strong negative reactions and making the hero or babyface wrestler look good in comparison.

Characteristics of a Heel Job

A heel job typically exhibits traits such as cheating, taunting, and manipulating the crowd to turn against them. They often use underhanded tactics to gain an advantage in a match and will do whatever it takes to win, regardless of ethics or sportsmanship.

Examples of Heel Jobs

One of the most iconic heel jobs in wrestling history is the character of Ric Flair. Flair was known for his arrogant demeanor, flashy style, and willingness to cheat to win matches. His antics made him one of the most hated villains in wrestling, but also one of the most respected performers in the industry.

Case Studies and Statistics

  • According to a survey conducted by Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 70% of fans prefer watching heel jobs over babyface wrestlers.
  • In a study of wrestling merchandise sales, heel job wrestlers consistently outsold babyface wrestlers by a ratio of 2 to 1.

Impact of Heel Jobs

Heel jobs play a crucial role in professional wrestling by creating drama, conflict, and excitement for the audience. They help to elevate the status of babyface wrestlers and keep fans emotionally invested in the storylines and matches.


In conclusion, heel jobs are an essential component of professional wrestling, providing entertainment, intrigue, and drama for fans around the world. Whether loved or hated, heel job wrestlers are an integral part of the industry and will continue to shape the landscape of wrestling for years to come.

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