What Does Green Following Mean on Instagram

Learn about the significance of green following on Instagram and how it can impact your engagement and visibility on the platform.


Instagram is a popular social media platform that allows users to connect with friends, family, and even celebrities. One feature of Instagram is the ability to follow other users, showing your interest in their content. But what does it mean when someone is highlighted in green in your following list?

Meaning of Green Following

When someone is highlighted in green in your following list on Instagram, it means that they are currently online. This feature allows you to see which of your followers are active on the platform at that moment.

Engaging with Green Followers

Having green followers on Instagram can be beneficial for engagement. You can take advantage of this real-time connection to interact with them through comments, likes, or direct messages. This can help build relationships and increase your visibility on the platform.


For example, a business might use green followers to offer special promotions to those who are active online. By targeting these users, they can increase their chances of conversion and drive sales.

Case Studies

According to a study by SocialBakers, brands that engage with their green followers on Instagram see higher engagement rates and more loyal customers. By taking advantage of this real-time connection, brands can build a loyal following and increase their reach on the platform.


Research has shown that users are more likely to engage with brands that are active and responsive on social media. By engaging with your green followers on Instagram, you can increase your chances of building a loyal customer base and driving sales.

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