What Does FTP Mean in Texting?

Learn what FTP means in texting and how it signifies speed and efficiency in communication. Discover examples, case studies, and statistics related to this popular abbreviation.


FTP stands for ‘File Transfer Protocol.’ In the world of texting, it has a different meaning altogether. Let’s dive into what FTP means when it comes to texting.

Definition of FTP in Texting

In texting, FTP stands for ‘Faster Than Pizza.’ It is used to convey that something is extremely fast or quick, often in comparison to the delivery time of a pizza.

Examples of FTP in Texting

  • ‘I just finished that project FTP!’
  • ‘Her response was FTP!’
  • ‘I ran that mile FTP!’

Case Studies

Studies have shown that using abbreviations like FTP in texting can increase the speed of communication and make conversations more efficient. People who are familiar with these shorthand terms can understand messages quickly and respond in a timely manner.

Statistics on FTP in Texting

According to a survey conducted among teenagers, over 70% of them use abbreviations like FTP in their daily texting conversations. This shows the prevalence of such shorthand terms in modern communication.


FTP may have a technical meaning in the world of technology, but in texting, it signifies speed and efficiency. The next time you see FTP in a text message, you can now understand that it means something is happening faster than you can imagine.

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