What Does FT Mean in Texting

Discover what FT means in texting lingo and how it is used in smartphone communication. Learn about the growing trend of video calling and its impact on modern communication.

Understanding FT in Texting

FT stands for ‘FaceTime’ in texting lingo. It is commonly used to refer to making a video call using Apple’s FaceTime feature. This term has gained popularity among smartphone users and is often used in informal communication.

Examples of FT in Texting

1. Hey, can we FT later today?

2. I’m going to FT my mom to show her the new apartment.

Case Studies on FT in Texting

According to a study conducted by Pew Research Center, over 70% of smartphone users engage in video calling at least once a week. This indicates the growing trend of using platforms like FaceTime for communication.

Statistics on FT in Texting

– 56% of millennials prefer video calling over traditional voice calls.

– FaceTime is the most popular video calling app among iPhone users.


FT in texting is a convenient way to refer to FaceTime calls. As technology continues to evolve, video calling is becoming an integral part of communication for many individuals.

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