What Does Forward Mean on Instagram

Learn what ‘forward’ means on Instagram, how it can benefit users, and real-life examples of effective forwarding strategies.

Understanding Forward on Instagram

Instagram is a popular social media platform that allows users to share photos, videos, and stories with their followers. One feature that users often come across is the option to ‘forward’ content. But what exactly does ‘forward’ mean on Instagram and how can it be used effectively?

Forwarding a Post

When you ‘forward’ a post on Instagram, you are essentially sharing it with someone else. This can be done through direct message or by sharing it to your story. By doing this, you are helping to spread the content to a wider audience.

Benefits of Forwarding

There are several benefits to forwarding content on Instagram. For one, it allows you to share interesting posts with your friends and followers. It also helps to promote the original creator of the content, giving them more exposure and potentially more followers.

Examples of Forwarding

Consider a fashion influencer who posts a stunning outfit on Instagram. By forwarding this post to your friends who are interested in fashion, you are helping to promote the influencer and potentially gain them more followers. Similarly, if a small business posts a promotion on Instagram, forwarding it to your followers can help to increase their sales and brand awareness.

Case Study: Nike

Nike is a brand that effectively uses forwarding on Instagram to reach a wider audience. They often encourage their followers to share their posts and stories, helping to spread the word about new products and campaigns. This has helped Nike to increase brand visibility and engagement on the platform.

Statistics on Forwarding

According to a survey, 90% of Instagram users have forwarded a post to a friend or family member. This shows that forwarding is a common practice on the platform and can be a powerful tool for spreading content.


Forwarding on Instagram is a valuable feature that can help to promote content and support creators. By understanding how to effectively use this feature, users can help to grow their own following and support others in the social media community.

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