What Does Flipside Mean on Instagram

Discover the meaning of flipside on Instagram and how it can enhance your social media experience. Learn how users use flipside to show a different perspective and connect with their followers.


Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms for sharing photos and videos. One term that you may have come across while scrolling through your feed is ‘flipside.’ In this article, we will explore the meaning of flipside on Instagram and how it is used by users.

What is Flipside?

On Instagram, flipside refers to the reverse side or a different perspective of a situation, photo, or video. It is used to show a different angle or point of view that is not immediately obvious. Users may use the term flipside to share behind-the-scenes content, bloopers, or alternate versions of their posts.


For example, a fashion blogger may post a glamorous photo of themselves on the main feed, but on the flipside, they may share a candid shot of them getting ready for the shoot. This gives their followers a glimpse into the process behind the perfect picture.

Case Studies

Many influencers and brands use the flipside concept to connect with their audience on a more personal level. By showing the less polished, more authentic side of their lives, they can build a stronger bond with their followers.


According to a study, posts that show the flipside of a situation or event tend to receive higher engagement rates on Instagram. Users appreciate the honesty and transparency of these posts, which leads to increased likes, comments, and shares.


Overall, flipside on Instagram is a way for users to show a different side of themselves or their content. It allows for a more authentic connection with followers and can help to humanize influencers and brands. So next time you see the term flipside on your feed, take a moment to appreciate the alternate perspective being offered.

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