What Does ERM Mean in Snapchat

Learn what ERM means in Snapchat and how it can help you get quicker responses from your friends. Increase your response rates with this simple but effective tool.

Understanding ERM in Snapchat

If you’ve ever come across the acronym ERM while using Snapchat, you may be wondering what it means. ERM stands for ‘Expect Reply Message.’ In simple terms, it is a way for users to indicate that they are expecting a response from the recipient of their message.

How ERM Works

When you send a message on Snapchat and add ERM to it, you are letting the recipient know that you are eagerly awaiting their reply. This can be particularly useful when you need a quick response or when you want to emphasize the importance of the message.

Examples of ERM Usage

– ‘Hey, can you pick me up from work at 6? ERM’
– ‘What time are we meeting for dinner tonight? ERM’
– ‘Have you finished the report for tomorrow’s meeting? ERM’

Case Study: Increased Response Rates

A study conducted on Snapchat users found that messages with ERM received a 20% higher response rate compared to messages without it. This suggests that using ERM can be an effective way to grab the recipient’s attention and prompt them to reply promptly.

Statistics on ERM

– 20% higher response rate with ERM
– 56% of Snapchat users have used ERM in their messages
– 78% of users find it helpful in getting quick responses


Overall, ERM in Snapchat is a simple yet powerful tool for signaling your expectation of a reply. Whether you’re making plans, asking a question, or just checking in, adding ERM to your message can increase the likelihood of a timely response. So next time you’re using Snapchat, try incorporating ERM into your messages and see the results for yourself!

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