What Does ‘Emphasis Added’ Mean?

Discover the significance of ’emphasis added’ in written text and how it influences interpretation. Learn why highlighting key points can enhance communication and engagement.


In written text, particularly in legal documents, articles, and academic papers, you may come across the phrase ’emphasis added.’ But what does this phrase actually mean and how does it affect the interpretation of the text? Let’s explore the significance of ’emphasis added’ and its implications.

Understanding ‘Emphasis Added’

When ’emphasis added’ is included in a text, it means that the author or editor has highlighted or emphasized certain words, phrases, or sentences to draw attention to specific points. This could be done through bolding, italicizing, underlining, or using a different font color.

Importance of ‘Emphasis Added’

The inclusion of ’emphasis added’ helps readers to understand the key points or arguments of the text more clearly. It guides the reader’s attention to the highlighted portions, signaling the significance of those words or phrases.


For example, in a legal contract, the phrase ‘the buyer shall pay the seller $500′ might be accompanied by ’emphasis added’ to indicate the importance of the payment amount. This ensures that the reader focuses on the specific details that are crucial for the contract’s execution.

Case Studies

In a study on the effectiveness of emphasis in academic writing, researchers found that papers with strategically placed emphasis markers were more likely to be cited by other scholars. This indicates the impact of ’emphasis added’ on the readability and visibility of written work.


A survey of readers revealed that 70% found texts with ’emphasis added’ easier to understand and remember. This shows that highlighting key information can improve retention and comprehension among audiences.


‘Emphasis added’ plays a vital role in enhancing the clarity and impact of written communication. By signaling important points through emphasis markers, authors and editors can effectively convey their message and engage readers more effectively.

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