What Does DWS Mean on Instagram

Discover the meaning of DWS on Instagram and how it can help you grow your audience and engagement. Learn about examples, case studies, and statistics.

What is DWS?

DWS stands for ‘Direct Message for a Shoutout’ on Instagram. It is a common practice among influencers and content creators to grow their audience and engagement.

How Does DWS Work?

When someone receives a DWS request, they will post a shoutout on their Instagram story or feed in exchange for a direct message from the requester. This helps increase visibility and reach for both parties.

Examples of DWS

  • An influencer might ask their followers to send them a DM with a specific hashtag to be featured on their page.
  • A brand might offer a shoutout to a customer who shares a photo of themselves using their product.

Case Studies

Many influencers have successfully used DWS to gain thousands of followers and increase their engagement rates. By collaborating with other influencers in their niche, they can tap into new audiences and grow their online presence.


According to recent data, posts with shoutouts or mentions tend to perform better in terms of reach and engagement. By leveraging the power of DWS, content creators can boost their visibility on the platform and connect with a wider audience.

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