What Does ‘Du machst mich fertig’ Mean?

Discover the meaning behind the popular German phrase ‘Du machst mich fertig’ and how it conveys feelings of exhaustion and overwhelm.

Understanding the Phrase

“Du machst mich fertig” is a common German expression that translates to “You are wearing me out” in English. This phrase is often used to convey feelings of exhaustion, frustration, or overwhelm.

Examples of Usage

When someone says ‘Du machst mich fertig,’ they may be referring to feeling emotionally drained by a difficult situation or person. For example, a student may use this phrase to describe their overwhelming workload during exam season.

Case Studies

One case study of the phrase ‘Du machst mich fertig’ could be a relationship where one partner feels mentally drained by the constant arguments and emotional stress caused by the other partner’s behavior.


While there are no specific statistics on the usage of ‘Du machst mich fertig,’ it is a commonly used phrase in everyday conversations among German speakers.


Overall, ‘Du machst mich fertig’ is a powerful expression that conveys a sense of emotional exhaustion and overwhelm. Understanding the context in which it is used can help in interpreting its meaning accurately.

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