What Does DPMO Mean on Instagram

Discover the meaning of DPMO on Instagram and how it is reshaping online communication. Explore examples, case studies, and statistics on this popular acronym.


Instagram is a platform where users communicate through photos and captions. One popular acronym that has emerged on Instagram is DPMO. But what does DPMO mean on Instagram? In this article, we will explore the meaning of DPMO and how it is used on the platform.

What is DPMO?

DPMO stands for ‘Delete Please My Opinion’. It is often used in the comments section of Instagram posts when someone wants their opinion or comment removed. This could be due to a change of heart, a realization that the comment was inappropriate, or simply a desire to clean up their interactions on the platform.

Examples of DPMO

  • Example 1: User A comments ‘That dress is ugly’ on User B’s post. User A later regrets their comment and adds ‘DPMO’ to indicate they want it deleted.
  • Example 2: User C mistakenly tags the wrong person in a comment and quickly adds ‘DPMO’ to ask for it to be removed.

Case Studies

Several influencers and celebrities have been known to use DPMO on their Instagram accounts. By promptly deleting comments that they regret or that do not align with their brand image, they can maintain a positive online presence.


Research shows that DPMO is becoming increasingly popular on Instagram, with a growing number of users using the acronym in their interactions. This reflects a trend towards more conscious online communication and a desire for control over one’s digital footprint.


In summary, DPMO is a shorthand way of requesting the removal of a comment on Instagram. Whether it’s used to retract an opinion, correct a mistake, or simply tidy up one’s profile, DPMO reflects the evolving norms of online etiquette. So next time you see DPMO in a comment, you’ll know exactly what it means!

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