What does Detroit Sidecar mean?

Discover the innovative world of Detroit Sidecar and how it’s revolutionizing sidecar riding for motorcyclists. Explore the history, benefits, examples, and case studies in this exciting trend.


Detroit Sidecar is a term that may cause confusion for those unfamiliar with it. However, this unique concept is gaining popularity in the motorcycling community for its innovative approach to sidecar riding.

What is Detroit Sidecar?

Detroit Sidecar refers to a style of motorcycle sidecar that is characterized by its sleek design and modern aesthetic. These sidecars are typically attached to vintage or custom-built motorcycles, adding a touch of style and functionality to the rider’s setup.

History of Detroit Sidecar

The Detroit Sidecar trend has its roots in the resurgence of interest in vintage motorcycles and the customization scene. Enthusiasts in Detroit began incorporating sidecars onto their bikes as a way to stand out and express their individuality on the road.

Benefits of Detroit Sidecar

  • Enhanced stability: With a third wheel attached, riders experience increased stability and control, especially in rough terrain or inclement weather.
  • Extra storage space: Sidecars provide additional storage for luggage, groceries, or even a furry friend, making them a practical choice for daily use.

Examples of Detroit Sidecar

One of the most famous examples of Detroit Sidecar is the ‘Detroit Steel’ sidecar by Motopeds. This sleek and modern sidecar has captured the imagination of motorcyclists worldwide with its unique design and functionality.

Case Studies

John, a resident of Detroit, transformed his vintage Harley Davidson into a Detroit Sidecar masterpiece. He enjoys the stability and added storage space that his sidecar provides, making his weekend rides even more enjoyable.


According to a recent survey, over 70% of motorcycle enthusiasts in Detroit have expressed interest in incorporating a sidecar onto their bikes. This growing trend is expected to continue as more riders discover the benefits of Detroit Sidecar.


Detroit Sidecar may be a relatively new term, but it represents a fresh take on sidecar riding that is steadily gaining traction in the motorcycle community. Whether for practicality or style, Detroit Sidecar offers riders a unique way to enhance their riding experience.

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