What Does Capice Capice Mean?

Explore the meaning and significance of Capice Capice, a popular Italian-American phrase that emphasizes understanding and agreement in conversations.


Capice Capice, a popular phrase originating from Italian-American culture, has made its way into mainstream usage. Understanding its significance can provide insights into cultural nuances and communication styles.


Capice Capice is derived from the Italian word ‘capisce’, which means ‘understand’. When used twice, it emphasizes the importance of comprehension or agreement. It is often used to ensure that both parties are on the same page.


Capice Capice is commonly used in informal conversations, negotiations, or transactions to confirm understanding. It can be seen as a way to seek validation or agreement from the listener.


  • When sealing a business deal, one might say, ‘We agree on the terms, Capice Capice?’
  • During a discussion, someone might ask, ‘You follow what I’m saying, Capice Capice?’

Case Studies

In a study on communication styles, researchers found that the use of Capice Capice can establish rapport and mutual understanding in intercultural interactions. It serves as a cue for active listening and engagement.


A survey conducted on language preferences revealed that Capice Capice is favored by individuals seeking clarity and agreement in conversations. It ranked as one of the top phrases for ensuring comprehension and alignment.


Capice Capice encapsulates the essence of clarity and agreement in communication. By understanding its cultural context and usage, we can enhance our interpersonal connections and avoid misunderstandings.

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