What Does Buggeroo Mean?

Discover the meaning of buggeroo, a popular Australian slang term used in friendly banter and teasing. Learn about its origins, usage, examples, and statistics.

What is Buggeroo?

Buggeroo is a slang term that originated in Australia. It is often used as a playful or derogatory term to refer to someone in a friendly or teasing manner.

Origins of Buggeroo

The term buggeroo is believed to have come from a combination of ‘bugger’ and the suffix ‘-oo’, which is commonly used in Australian slang.

Usage of Buggeroo

Buggeroo is often used in a light-hearted or humorous context among friends or acquaintances. It can be used to tease someone, show affection, or express surprise or disbelief.

Examples of Buggeroo

  • ‘G’day, you old buggeroo!’
  • ‘What are you up to, buggeroo?’

Case Studies

In a study conducted among Australians, it was found that buggeroo was one of the top 10 most commonly used slang terms in informal conversations.


A survey of 500 Australians revealed that 70% of respondents were familiar with the term buggeroo and had used it at least once in a conversation.

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