What Does Basuda Mean?

Learn about the meaning of ‘basuda’ in Spanish and its significance in waste management. Discover how this word is used in Latin American countries and its impact on the environment.

What is Basuda?

Basuda is a Spanish word that translates to ‘trash’ or ‘garbage’ in English. It is commonly used in Latin American countries to refer to waste, rubbish, or anything that is discarded or unwanted.

Usage of Basuda

In everyday conversations, basuda is used to describe items that are no longer useful and need to be thrown away. It can refer to paper, plastic, food scraps, or any other type of waste material.

Examples of Basuda

1. Por favor, saca la basuda. (Please take out the trash.)

2. El parque está lleno de basuda. (The park is full of garbage.)

Case Studies

In a study conducted in Mexico City, researchers found that improper disposal of basuda was a leading cause of pollution in urban areas. The government implemented recycling programs to educate the public on the importance of proper waste management.


According to a recent survey, 70% of households in Latin America do not have access to proper waste disposal facilities. This has led to an increase in illegal dumping and environmental pollution in the region.

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