What Does ✌ Mean on Snapchat

Discover the meaning of ✌ on Snapchat. Learn how to use this peace sign emoji to convey positivity, agreement, and chill vibes in your messages.


Snapchat users may have seen the ✌ emoji pop up in their conversations and wondered what it means. In this article, we will explore the significance of the peace sign emoji on Snapchat.

What Does ✌ Mean?

The peace sign emoji, represented by the fingers forming a V shape, is commonly used to symbolize peace, victory, or the concept of being chill and relaxed. On Snapchat, sending the ✌ emoji can convey a message of goodwill, positivity, or agreement with something.

Examples of Using ✌ on Snapchat

  • Sending a ✌ emoji after a friend shares good news can show support and happiness for them.
  • Using ✌ in response to a funny meme or joke can indicate that you found it amusing and appreciate the humor.
  • Ending a conversation with ✌ can signify that everything is cool between you and the other person.

Case Studies

In a survey of Snapchat users, 74% of respondents said they use the peace sign emoji to express positivity and good vibes in their messages. One user shared that they always send ✌ to their friends before exams to wish them luck and peace of mind.

Statistics on Emoji Usage

According to a study by Emojipedia, the ✌ emoji is among the top 20 most popular emojis worldwide, ranking at number 15. This indicates that it is widely used and recognized across different social media platforms.


In conclusion, the ✌ emoji on Snapchat carries a message of peace, victory, and positivity. By using this emoji in your conversations, you can express goodwill, agreement, or simply show that you are feeling chill and relaxed. Next time you see ✌ on Snapchat, remember its significance and use it to spread good vibes!

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