What Do You Receive After You Submit the FAFSA?

Discover what you can expect to receive after submitting the FAFSA, from SAR to financial aid offers and verification requests. Learn how to navigate the financial aid process and make the most of your opportunities.


Submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is a crucial step in securing financial assistance for college. After you submit it, there are several things you can expect to receive as a result.

Student Aid Report (SAR)

One of the first things you’ll receive after submitting the FAFSA is your Student Aid Report (SAR). This report summarizes the information you provided on the FAFSA and includes your Expected Family Contribution (EFC), which is used to determine your eligibility for federal student aid.

Financial Aid Offers

Once your SAR is processed, you’ll start receiving financial aid offers from the schools you listed on your FAFSA. These offers will detail the types and amounts of financial aid you’re eligible for, including grants, scholarships, loans, and work-study programs.

Verification Requests

In some cases, you may be selected for verification, which means you’ll need to provide additional documentation to verify the information on your FAFSA. This can include tax returns, W-2 forms, and other financial documents.

Special Circumstances

If your financial situation has changed since you submitted the FAFSA, you can request a review of your circumstances by contacting the financial aid office at your school. They may be able to adjust your aid package to better reflect your current financial need.

Appeals Process

If you’re dissatisfied with the financial aid offer you receive, you have the option to appeal the decision. This usually involves submitting a letter outlining your reasons for requesting more aid and providing any supporting documentation.


Submitting the FAFSA is just the first step in the financial aid process. After you submit it, you can expect to receive your SAR, financial aid offers, verification requests, and potentially go through the appeals process if needed. Keep an eye on your email and mailbox for updates on your financial aid status.

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