What do you mean in Hindi?

When someone says ‘What do you mean?’ in Hindi, they are seeking clarity or explanation. Learn the importance of this phrase in conversations.

Understanding the Meaning

When someone asks ‘What do you mean?’ in Hindi, they are seeking clarification or explanation about something that was said or done. The phrase is commonly used in conversations to ensure that both parties are on the same page.


For example, if someone says ‘Mai kal aaunga’ (I will come tomorrow), the listener might ask ‘Tum kya kehna chahte ho?’ (What do you mean?) to determine the exact time or intent behind the statement.

Case Studies

In a business meeting, a client may ask ‘Yeh project kitne din mein complete hoga?’ (When will this project be completed?) and the project manager might respond ‘Ek mahine mein’ (In one month). The client could then ask ‘Kya aap mera budget samajh rahe ho?’ (Do you understand my budget?) to confirm if the timeline aligns with their financial constraints.


A study showed that communication breakdowns often occur when individuals assume they understand the meaning of someone else’s words without seeking clarification. Asking ‘What do you mean in Hindi?’ can help prevent misunderstandings and promote effective dialogue.

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