What Do You Call a Baby Dog?

Discover the various terms used to describe a baby dog, from ‘puppy’ to ‘whelp.’ Learn the significance of these words and how they are used in different contexts.


Have you ever wondered what you call a baby dog? If so, you’re not alone. Many people are curious about the names given to young pups based on their age and development. In this article, we will explore the various terms used to describe baby dogs and their significance.


The most common term used to refer to a baby dog is ‘puppy.’ This word is widely recognized and has been used for generations to describe young dogs. Puppies are typically newborn to one year old and are known for their playful and energetic behavior.

Examples of Puppy

  • A litter of puppies was born yesterday.
  • She adopted a cute little puppy from the animal shelter.


Another term for a baby dog is ‘pup.’ While less common than ‘puppy,’ ‘pup’ is still widely used to refer to young dogs, especially in informal settings. Pups are typically less than one year old and are known for their adorable and cuddly nature.

Examples of Pup

  • He brought his new pup to the park to play fetch.
  • The mother dog was nursing her pups in the whelping box.


A less common term for a baby dog is ‘whelp.’ This word is more technical and is often used in breeding and veterinary contexts. Whelps are typically newborn to a few weeks old and are known for their vulnerability and dependence on their mothers.

Examples of Whelp

  • The breeder kept a close eye on the whelping mother and her newborn whelps.
  • The whelp cried out for its mother as it searched for her warmth and comfort.


In conclusion, there are several terms used to describe baby dogs, including ‘puppy,’ ‘pup,’ and ‘whelp.’ Each term has its own unique connotations and is used in different contexts. Whether you prefer the classic ‘puppy’ or the more technical ‘whelp,’ one thing is clear: baby dogs are adorable no matter what you call them!

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