What Do They Speak in Luxembourg

Discover the unique linguistic landscape of Luxembourg with its three official languages and diverse language policies. Explore the rich heritage of Luxembourgish, French, and German in this multilingual country.

The Official Languages of Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a multilingual country located in Western Europe. The official language of Luxembourg is Luxembourgish, a Germanic language that is spoken by the majority of the population. In addition to Luxembourgish, French and German also hold official status in the country.


Luxembourgish is a unique language that has elements of both German and French but is distinct in its own right. It is the national language of Luxembourg and is used in everyday communication among the local population. Luxembourgish is also taught in schools and used in the media and government.


French is another widely spoken language in Luxembourg, especially in business, administration, and education. It is also one of the three official languages of the country and is used in official documents and communication. Many Luxembourgers are fluent in French due to its importance in the country.


German is the third official language of Luxembourg and is used in conjunction with Luxembourgish and French. It is also commonly spoken in the country, especially in the eastern regions near the German border. German is taught in schools and used in formal settings alongside French.

Other Languages

English is widely spoken in Luxembourg, particularly among the expatriate community and in business settings. Portuguese and Italian are also spoken by immigrant populations in the country. Luxembourg’s diverse linguistic landscape reflects its historical ties to neighboring countries and its status as a global financial hub.

Language Policy and Education

Luxembourg has a comprehensive language policy that promotes multilingualism and diversity. The country’s education system is bilingual, with students learning in Luxembourgish and French or German. This approach ensures that students are proficient in both official languages and prepares them for a multicultural society.


In conclusion, Luxembourg is a multilingual country with a rich linguistic heritage. Luxembourgish, French, and German are the primary languages spoken in the country, reflecting its diverse cultural influences. The promotion of multilingualism and the recognition of linguistic diversity are central to Luxembourg’s identity and contribute to its vibrant and inclusive society.

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