What Do Cheetahs Eat

Discover what cheetahs eat to fuel their high-speed pursuits. Explore their natural diet, hunting techniques, prey preferences, and conservation challenges.


Cheetahs are known for their incredible speed and agility, making them one of the most fascinating big cats in the animal kingdom. But what do these majestic creatures eat to fuel their high-speed pursuits? Let’s explore the diet of cheetahs in detail.

Natural Diet

Cheetahs are carnivores, which means that they primarily feed on meat. Their natural diet consists of a variety of small to medium-sized prey, such as gazelles, impalas, and hares. These fast-moving animals provide the cheetahs with the energy they need to sustain their high-speed chases.

Hunting Techniques

Cheetahs are solitary hunters and rely on their keen eyesight and lightning-fast reflexes to catch their prey. They use stealth and camouflage to get as close as possible to their target before unleashing their incredible speed to chase it down.

Dietary Adaptations

Unlike other big cats, cheetahs have a unique hunting style that requires short bursts of intense energy. As a result, they have evolved specialized adaptations such as enlarged nostrils and lungs to maximize oxygen intake during their high-speed pursuits.

Prey Preferences

While cheetahs primarily hunt small to medium-sized ungulates, they are opportunistic feeders and will consume a wide range of prey if given the chance. This includes birds, rodents, and even larger animals like wildebeests and zebras in rare cases.

Case Studies

Researchers have observed cheetahs exhibiting a preference for certain types of prey depending on their location and habitat. For example, cheetahs in the Serengeti Plains of Africa are known to target Thomson’s gazelles due to their abundance in the region.

Conservation Challenges

Despite their remarkable hunting abilities, cheetahs face numerous threats in the wild, including habitat loss, human-wildlife conflict, and poaching. These factors have contributed to the decline in cheetah populations worldwide, making it crucial to protect these vulnerable animals.


In conclusion, cheetahs are carnivores that primarily feed on small to medium-sized prey to sustain their high-speed lifestyle. Understanding their dietary preferences and hunting techniques is essential for their conservation and survival in the wild.

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