What Do Caddies Get Paid at The Masters

Discover what caddies get paid at The Masters and how their compensation is structured. Explore examples, case studies, and statistics to shed light on caddie earnings in professional golf tournaments.

The Role of Caddies at The Masters

For professional golfers playing in tournaments like The Masters, caddies play a crucial role in helping them navigate the course, providing advice, reading greens, and carrying their bags. Caddies are often the unsung heroes behind a golfer’s success, and their compensation can vary depending on various factors.

Traditional Payment Structure

Typically, caddies at The Masters are paid a base salary, which can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands, depending on the golfer’s success and financial status. In addition to the base salary, caddies also receive a percentage of the golfer’s winnings, usually around 5-10%.

Case Study: Tiger Woods’ Caddie

One of the most famous examples of a caddie’s earnings at The Masters is Steve Williams, who was Tiger Woods’ caddie for many years. Williams reportedly earned over $1 million in a single year working for Woods, thanks to his percentage of Woods’ tournament winnings.

Recent Changes

In recent years, there have been discussions around increasing caddie compensation at major tournaments like The Masters. Some golfers have started paying their caddies a higher base salary and a larger percentage of their winnings to ensure they are fairly compensated for their work.

Statistics and Trends

According to a survey conducted by Golf Digest, the average caddie at a major tournament like The Masters can earn anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 per year, including their base salary and percentage of winnings. This figure can vary greatly depending on the golfer’s success and the caddie’s experience.


Overall, caddies at The Masters play a vital role in a golfer’s performance and success, and their compensation reflects their contribution. While the traditional payment structure includes a base salary and a percentage of winnings, recent trends suggest a shift towards higher pay to ensure caddies are fairly compensated for their hard work.

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