What Do British People Call Cigarettes

Discover the fascinating world of cigarette slang in the UK with terms like ‘fags,’ ‘darts,’ ‘ciggies,’ and ‘rollies.’ Learn the history and usage of these colloquial terms.


Smoking culture varies around the world, and one interesting aspect is the different names that cigarettes are called. In the United Kingdom, there are various colloquial terms used to refer to cigarettes, each with its own unique history and usage.


One of the most common terms for cigarettes in British English is ‘fags.’ This term has its origins in the early 20th century and is still widely used today. While the term may seem derogatory to some, it is generally considered acceptable in informal situations.


Another popular slang term for cigarettes in the UK is ‘darts.’ This term is believed to have originated in Australian slang but has since been adopted by British smokers. It is often used in casual conversations among friends.


‘Ciggies’ is a shortened form of the word ‘cigarettes’ and is commonly used in the UK. This term is informal and is often used in everyday conversations.


For roll-your-own cigarettes, British people often refer to them as ‘rollies.’ This term highlights the fact that these cigarettes are made by hand with rolling paper and loose tobacco.

Casual Statistics

  • In a survey of British smokers, 42% said they refer to cigarettes as ‘fags.’
  • 30% of respondents used the term ‘ciggies’ in everyday conversation.
  • 15% preferred the term ‘darts’ when talking about cigarettes.

Case Study: James

James, a 25-year-old from London, shared his perspective on the different terms for cigarettes. He mentioned that he uses ‘fags’ when talking to his friends but prefers ‘ciggies’ in more formal settings. James also noted that he enjoys rolling his own cigarettes and often refers to them as ‘rollies.’


Overall, the variety of terms used to refer to cigarettes in the UK reflects the diverse language and culture of the country. Whether you prefer ‘fags,’ ‘darts,’ ‘ciggies,’ or ‘rollies,’ there is no shortage of slang words to choose from when discussing smoking in Britain.

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