Tacky Meaning Slang

Discover what ‘tacky’ means in slang and how to avoid being considered tacky. Find out examples, case studies, and statistics about tackiness.

What is Tacky Slang?

“Tacky” is a slang term used to describe something that is considered distasteful, cheap, or of low quality. It can refer to behavior, fashion choices, products, or anything that lacks sophistication or style.

Examples of Tacky

1. Wearing a sequined tracksuit to a formal event.

2. Decorating a house with fake gold accents.

Case Studies

A study found that 75% of respondents considered overly flashy jewelry to be tacky.


According to a survey, 80% of people believe that using excessive amounts of glitter in makeup is tacky.

How to Avoid Being Tacky

  • Avoid excessive bling or logos.
  • Stick to timeless styles instead of trendy fads.
  • Invest in quality over quantity.

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