Six Slang

Explore the world of six popular slang terms and their meanings. From ‘lit’ to ‘flex,’ stay up to date with the latest language trends.


Slang is an ever-evolving part of language that reflects cultural trends and societal changes. In this article, we will explore six slang terms that have gained popularity in recent years.

1. Lit:

Lit is a term used to describe something that is exciting, fun, or cool. It originated from African American Vernacular English and has since been adopted by mainstream culture. For example, ‘That party last night was lit!’

2. Salty:

Salty is a term used to describe someone who is bitter, angry, or upset. It can also refer to someone who is envious or jealous. For example, ‘She’s so salty about not getting the promotion.’

3. Clout:

Clout is a term used to describe influence, power, or credibility. It is often used in the context of social media and can refer to someone who has a large following. For example, ‘She’s got so much clout on Instagram.’

4. Yeet:

Yeet is a term used to express excitement, approval, or energy. It can also be used as a verb to describe throwing something with force. For example, ‘I yeeted that basketball into the hoop.’

5. Bet:

Bet is a term used to confirm or agree with something. It can also be used to show confidence or assurance. For example, ‘Want to grab dinner tonight? Bet!’

6. Flex:

Flex is a term used to show off or boast about something, often related to one’s success, wealth, or possessions. It can also refer to someone who is showing off their physical strength. For example, ‘He’s always flexing his expensive watch.’


Slang is a dynamic aspect of language that continues to evolve with changing trends and influences. By staying current with slang terms, we can better understand and connect with contemporary culture.

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