Six Definition Slang

Discover the meanings behind six popular slang terms – lit, slay, thirsty, savage, flex, and clout. Stay up-to-date with modern language trends!


Language is constantly evolving, and slang is a prime example of this evolution. Slang terms often originate from subcultures or specific communities and can have multiple meanings depending on the context. In this article, we will explore six popular slang terms and their definitions.

1. Lit

Lit is a slang term that means something is exciting, fun, or excellent. It can be used to describe a party, concert, or even a new song that is particularly impressive. For example, ‘That party last night was lit!’

2. Slay

Slay is a term used to describe someone who is doing exceptionally well or looking fabulous. It is often used in the context of fashion or beauty, but it can also be used more broadly to praise someone’s accomplishments. For example, ‘She absolutely slayed that presentation.’

3. Thirsty

Thirsty is a term used to describe someone who is desperate or overly eager, especially in the context of seeking attention or validation. It can also refer to someone who is craving something, such as food or drink. For example, ‘Why is he so thirsty for likes on social media?’

4. Savage

Savage is a term used to describe someone who is fierce or ruthless in their actions or words. It can also be used to praise someone for their boldness or unapologetic nature. For example, ‘She’s a savage when it comes to dealing with haters.’

5. Flex

Flex is a term used to show off or boast about something, often with the intention of impressing others. It can refer to flaunting one’s wealth, achievements, or physical appearance. For example, ‘He loves to flex his new car on social media.’

6. Clout

Clout is a term used to describe influence or credibility, especially in the context of social media. It can refer to someone’s popularity or the power they hold over others. For example, ‘She has major clout in the fashion industry.’


Slang terms add color and vibrancy to our language, allowing us to express ourselves in new and creative ways. By understanding the definitions of popular slang terms like lit, slay, thirsty, savage, flex, and clout, we can better navigate the ever-changing landscape of modern communication.

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