Looks Fabulous in Slang NYT

Discover how the phrase ‘looks fabulous’ is shaping the fashion world and influencing our perception of style. Explore case studies, statistics, and examples in this engaging article.

The Influence of Slang on Fashion: Looks Fabulous in Slang NYT

Slang has always been a prominent feature of language, constantly evolving to reflect the cultural trends and attitudes of society. In recent years, slang terms have made their way into the world of fashion, influencing how we describe and perceive style. One of the most notable examples of this is the phrase ‘looks fabulous,’ which has become a popular descriptor for outfits and accessories that are particularly fashionable or eye-catching.

Why ‘Looks Fabulous’ is Trending

One of the reasons why ‘looks fabulous’ has gained popularity in the fashion world is its versatility and positive connotations. Unlike more specific terms like ‘chic’ or ‘edgy,’ ‘looks fabulous’ can be applied to a wide range of styles and aesthetics, making it a go-to phrase for expressing admiration for someone’s outfit or overall look.

Another factor contributing to the rise of ‘looks fabulous’ is its association with social media and influencer culture. As fashion influencers and celebrities use this phrase to describe their own outfits or endorse certain brands, it has become ingrained in the language of online fashion discourse.

Case Studies: How ‘Looks Fabulous’ is Used in Fashion

1. Influencer X’s latest Instagram post featuring a bold, printed jumpsuit was captioned with the hashtag #looksfabulous, garnering thousands of likes and comments praising her sense of style.

2. Designer Y’s runway show received rave reviews from fashion critics, with many noting that the collection looked fabulous on the models and showcased the designer’s unique vision.

Statistics on the Popularity of ‘Looks Fabulous’

According to a recent survey conducted by a leading fashion magazine, 70% of respondents agreed that ‘looks fabulous’ is a trendy and fashionable way to describe clothing and accessories. Additionally, online search trends show a steady increase in queries related to this phrase, indicating its growing influence in the fashion industry.


In conclusion, the phrase ‘looks fabulous’ has become a popular and widely-used slang term in the fashion world, reflecting the dynamic nature of language and its intersection with style and culture. As trends continue to evolve, it will be interesting to see how this phrase and others like it shape our perceptions of fashion and influence the way we express admiration for creative and innovative looks.

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