Is Can Slang for Butt

Explore the origins and usage of the slang term ‘can’ for the buttocks, along with examples and statistics on slang language usage.


When it comes to slang terms, it’s not uncommon for words to have multiple meanings depending on context. One such term that often leads to confusion is the word ‘can.’ While most people associate ‘can’ with a container for drinks or food, some may wonder if it can also be slang for the posterior. In this article, we will explore the origins of this slang term and delve into whether or not ‘can’ is indeed used to refer to the buttocks.

Origins of the Slang Term

The use of the word ‘can’ as a slang term for the butt can be traced back to the early 20th century. It is believed to have originated in African American communities, where various slang terms were used to refer to different body parts. While the exact reason for the association between ‘can’ and the buttocks is unclear, it is likely that the term was chosen for its simplicity and ease of pronunciation.

Examples of Usage

Although ‘can’ is not as commonly used as other slang terms for the buttocks, it can still be found in certain contexts. For example, someone might say, ‘I slipped and fell on my can,’ to indicate that they fell on their buttocks. Additionally, the term may be used in a more playful or joking manner among friends or in informal settings.

Case Studies

While there are no specific case studies on the use of ‘can’ as slang for the buttocks, its presence in various forms of media and literature suggests that it is a recognized term within certain communities. Additionally, the use of slang terms for body parts is not uncommon, and ‘can’ fits into this broader pattern of language evolution.

Statistics on Slang Terms

While statistics on slang terms specifically related to the buttocks may be limited, research has shown that slang language is a prevalent aspect of modern communication. A study by the University of Cambridge found that slang usage is on the rise, particularly among younger generations who use slang to create a sense of identity and belonging.


In conclusion, while ‘can’ may not be the most widely used term for the buttocks, it does have a place in certain communities and contexts. The origins of this slang term are rooted in cultural expressions and language evolution, highlighting the dynamic nature of language. Whether or not one chooses to use ‘can’ as slang for the buttocks is a personal preference, but understanding its history and context can provide insight into the richness of language and its ability to adapt and change over time.

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