Instigator on Instagram

Explore the world of instigators on Instagram and how they are shaping conversations and engagement on the platform.

The Rise of the Instigator

In the world of social media, Instagram has become a powerful platform for influencers, brands, and individuals to reach a wide audience. One trend that has emerged on this platform is the rise of the instigator – those who create controversy, spark debates, and shock their followers.

Characteristics of an Instigator

  • Provocative content
  • Controversial opinions
  • Engagement-driven

Examples of Instigators

One prime example of an instigator on Instagram is @thefatjewish, who gained fame by sharing controversial memes and satirical content. Another example is @CommentsByCelebs, which reposts and comments on controversial statements made by celebrities.

Case Study: @JennaMarbles

One notable case study is @JennaMarbles, who faced backlash for past controversial videos. Despite the controversy, she gained more followers and engagement due to the increased visibility.

Statistics on Instigators

A study found that posts with controversial content or opinions receive 2-3 times more engagement than non-controversial posts. This shows the power and impact of instigators on Instagram.


Instigators on Instagram play a crucial role in sparking discussions, debates, and engagement. While controversial, they can also help drive traffic and increase visibility for brands and individuals. As the platform continues to evolve, the role of instigators will only grow in importance.

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