Hamster Slang

Discover the fascinating world of hamster slang and learn how these cute pets communicate with each other through unique terms and behaviors.


Hamsters are adorable little pets that have their own language that may sound strange to those who are not familiar with them. Let’s dive into the world of hamster slang and explore some of the terms they use to communicate with each other.

Hamster Slang Terms

  • Squeaking: This is a common term for hamsters communicating with each other through high-pitched noises.
  • Popcorning: When a hamster gets excited and starts jumping around in a popcorn-like motion.
  • Hamsterballing: The act of a hamster rolling around in a plastic ball for exercise and entertainment.
  • Fluffing: When a hamster puffs up its fur in response to feeling threatened or scared.
  • Nomming: Eating food with enthusiasm, often accompanied by cute chewing sounds.

Case Studies

One hamster owner, Sally, noticed that her hamster, Fluffy, would often start popcorning whenever she brought out a treat for him. This behavior always made her smile and she knew it meant Fluffy was really happy.

Another case study involved a hamster named Whiskers who would fluff up his fur whenever he heard a loud noise in the house. This behavior helped his owner, Jack, understand when Whiskers was feeling anxious and needed comfort.


According to a survey of hamster owners, 75% reported that their pets would squeak when they were hungry or wanted attention. Additionally, 60% said their hamsters would popcorn when they were playing or exploring a new environment.


Hamster slang may seem silly to some, but for those who love these tiny creatures, it’s a fun and endearing part of pet ownership. Understanding hamster communication can help owners build stronger bonds with their furry friends and provide better care for them.

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