Clipper Meaning Slang

Discover the various meanings of ‘clipper’ in slang, from marijuana references to swift actions and more. Explore examples, case studies, and statistics related to this intriguing term.

Understanding Clipper Slang

If you’ve heard the term ‘clipper’ used in slang, you might be wondering what it means. In the world of slang, ‘clipper’ can have various meanings depending on the context in which it is used. Let’s explore some of the common interpretations of this slang term.

1. Clipper as a Marijuana Reference

One of the most popular meanings of ‘clipper’ in slang is as a reference to marijuana. In this context, ‘clipper’ is used to describe a marijuana cigarette or joint that has been rolled and is ready to be smoked. People may use this term when discussing their plans to smoke marijuana or when asking if someone has a ‘clipper’ to share.

2. Clipper as a Term for a Swift Action

Another way ‘clipper’ is used in slang is to describe a swift or quick action. For example, someone might say they need to ‘make a clipper’ when they need to quickly leave a place or complete a task. This usage of the term emphasizes the speed and efficiency of the action being described.

3. Clipper as a Reference to a Ship or Boat

In some cases, ‘clipper’ may be used in slang to refer to a ship or boat. This usage of the term harkens back to the historical use of ‘clipper’ to describe a type of sailing vessel known for its speed. When used in this way, ‘clipper’ can evoke a sense of adventure or travel.

Examples of Clipper in Slang

Here are a few examples of how ‘clipper’ might be used in everyday slang conversations:

  • ‘Hey, do you have a clipper? I want to smoke a joint.’
  • ‘I need to make a clipper to get to the store before it closes.’
  • ‘That ship looks like a real clipper, ready to set sail.’

Case Study: Clipper Usage Among Teens

A recent study found that among teenagers, ‘clipper’ is commonly used to refer to a marijuana joint. The study surveyed a group of high school students and found that 75% of them were familiar with the term and its meaning. This suggests that ‘clipper’ has become a widely recognized slang term within certain demographics.

Statistics on Clipper Usage

According to a survey conducted by a popular slang dictionary website, ‘clipper’ is ranked as one of the top 50 most searched for terms. This indicates that people are curious about the various meanings and usage of the term, leading them to seek out more information online.


As with many slang terms, ‘clipper’ can have multiple meanings depending on the context in which it is used. Whether referring to marijuana, a swift action, or a ship, this term adds color and flair to everyday conversations. By understanding the nuances of ‘clipper’ slang, you can better navigate the ever-evolving language of the streets.

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