Cheugy Meaning Slang

Discover the latest slang term ‘cheugy’ and what it means in today’s culture. Find out why being labeled cheugy is something to avoid and how it reflects changing trends.

What is Cheugy?

Cheugy is a slang term that has recently gained popularity on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. It is used to describe anything that is considered uncool, out of date, or unfashionable.

Origin of Cheugy

The term ‘cheugy’ was coined by Gaby Rasson, a software developer, in 2013. It gained more widespread use in 2020 when TikTok users started using it to mock outdated trends and aesthetics.

Examples of Cheugy

  • Millennial pink
  • Live, Laugh, Love signs
  • Ugg boots

Case Studies

One case study of cheugy is the rise and fall of skinny jeans. Once considered a fashion must-have, skinny jeans are now deemed cheugy by Gen Z.

Statistics on Cheugy

According to a survey, 70% of Gen Z respondents said they actively avoid being cheugy, while only 30% of Millennials felt the same way.

In Conclusion

Cheugy is a term that is constantly evolving and reflects changing cultural trends. It serves as a reminder that what is considered cool today may be deemed cheugy tomorrow.

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