What does less mean?

less meaning in General Dictionary

To make less to lessen

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  • A smaller section or quantity
  • Not so much in a smaller or lower degree as less bright or loud less beautiful
  • Smaller not very big or great not so much smaller inferior as a less volume or quantity a horse of less dimensions or value in a shorter time than before
  • Unless
  • A privative adjective suffix denoting without destitute of failing to have as witless childless fatherless
  • comparative of little
  • used to form the comparative of some adjectives and adverbs
  • (usually preceded by `no') low in quality
  • (nonstandard in some utilizes but often idiomatic with measure expressions) a lot fewer
  • (comparative of `little' typically used in combination with size nouns) a quantifier meaning never as great in quantity or degree
  • Unless.
  • Smaller; not too large or great; less; shorter; substandard; because, a less quantity or number; a horse of less dimensions or worth; in less time than prior to.
  • less; in a smaller or reduced degree; because, less bright or noisy; less gorgeous.
  • A smaller section or quantity.
  • The inferior, younger, or smaller.
  • To make less; to lessen.

less meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English l

less meaning in General Dictionary

(conj.) Unless.

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  • (a.) Smaller; not big or great; not so much; shorter; substandard; since, a less volume or quantity; a horse of less dimensions or worth; in a shorter time than prior to.
  • (adv.) Less; in an inferior or lower degree; since, less brilliant or loud; less beautiful.
  • (n.) An inferior section or quantity.
  • (letter.) The substandard, younger, or smaller.
  • (v. t.) In order to make less; to lessen.

Sentence Examples with the word less

With regard to the nature of intracellular toxins, there is even greater difficulty in the investigation and still less is known.

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