What does ive mean?

ive meaning in General Dictionary

An adjective suffix signifying relating or belonging to of the nature of tending to as affirmative active conclusive corrective diminutive

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  • Colloquial contraction of We have

ive meaning in Urban Dictionary

Is as stunning as can be, an excellent person to be with, might constantly desire her around because the woman laugh lights within the entire room, as soon as you meet the woman you might never be able to forget her she will be caught in your thoughts, she actually is the bestes friend there may be, but try not to get the girl angry cause she'll destroy that you don't allow her to dimensions fool you she can be tiny but she can be crazy but total she is simply a fantastic individual

ive meaning in Names Dictionary

Name Origin: Teutonic
Name Gender: Male

Sentence Examples with the word ive

The forward portion of the anterior coelom shared in the constriction and elongation of the preoral lobe; but its hinder portion was dragged up along with the water-pore and formed a canal lying moccth ive along the outer wall (the gerei tatpore parietal canal).

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