What does flair mean?

flair meaning in General Dictionary

Smell odor

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  • a form that spreads outward
  • a natural talent
  • unique and trendy beauty

flair meaning in Names Dictionary

Style, verve.
Name Origin: English
Name Gender: Female

flair meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-14c., "an odor," from Old French flaire "odor or scent," particularly in searching, "fragrance, sense of odor," from flairier "to offer off an odor; stink; smell sweetly" (contemporary French flairer), from Vulgar Latin *flagrare, dissimilated from Latin fragrare "emit (a sweet) odor" (see fragrant). Sense of "special aptitude" is United states English, 1925, probably from searching and the idea of a hound's capability to monitor fragrance.

flair - German to English


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  • environment [of a location, space]
  • flair
  • pizazz [coll.]
  • pizzazz [coll.]
  • pizzaz [coll.]
  • pzazz [coll.]

Sentence Examples with the word flair

His flair for the essentials in his problem, his subtlety of analysis, his patient willingness to return upon a difficulty from a fresh and still a fresh point of view, and finally his fineness of judgment, make his logic 2 so essentially logic of the present, and of its kind not soon to be superseded, that nothing more than an indication of the historical significance of some of its characteristic features need be attempted here.

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