What does case law mean?

case law meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. reported choices of appeals process of law alongside courts which can make new interpretations of legislation and, therefore, may be reported as precedents. These interpretations tend to be distinguished from "statutory law," the statutes and rules (guidelines) enacted by legislative bodies; "regulatory legislation," that is laws required by agencies considering statutes; as well as in some states, the typical legislation, the typically acknowledged law carried down from England. The rulings in studies and hearings that are not appealed and not reported are not situation law and, for that reason, perhaps not precedent or brand new interpretations. Legislation students principally learn situation law to understand the application of legislation to realities and find out the process of law' subsequent interpretations of statutes.

case law meaning in Law Dictionary

professional name for the aggregate of reported cases as creating a body of jurisprudence; or for regulations of a specific topic as evidenced or created because of the adjudged instances ; in difference to statutes and other sourced elements of legislation.

case law meaning in Business Dictionary

Part of common-law, composed of judgments distributed by greater (appellate) courts in interpreting the statutes (or perhaps the provisions of a constitution) relevant in instances introduced before all of them. Known as precedents, they have been binding on all courts (in the same jurisdiction) becoming used because the law in similar situations. As time passes, these precedents are recognized, affirmed, and enforced by the subsequent courtroom decisions, thus continually growing the typical legislation. Compared, statute law could be the body of acts enacted by a legislature, and civil law will not recognize any precedent. Also known as judge-made legislation.

case law meaning in General Dictionary

a system of jurisprudence according to judicial precedents as opposed to statutory laws

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  • (civil-law) a law established by using early in the day judicial choices