What does buyer mean?

buyer meaning in General Dictionary

one that purchases a purchaser

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  • a person who purchases
  • a person who buys; a purchaser.

buyer meaning in Law Dictionary

person who purchases; a purchaser, particularly of chattels.

buyer meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1200, biggere "one just who buys," representative noun from purchase (v.). Meaning "one whoever task is to buy items for a store" is from 1884. Buyer's marketplace attested from 1886.

buyer meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Celebration which acquires, or agrees to get, ownership (in the event of items), or benefit or consumption (in case there is services), in exchange for money or any other consideration under an agreement of purchase. Also called buyer. See additionally consumer. 2. Professional purchaser specializing in a particular number of products, goods, or services, and practiced in marketplace evaluation, purchase negotiations, bulk purchasing, and distribution control.

buyer meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Person who buys; a purchaser.

Sentence Examples with the word buyer

At some point a buyer will come to town, offer a low price, and the farmer will be compelled to sell because the risk of not selling is too high; he may not get another offer and the crop might rot for poor storage.

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