What does board 8 mean?

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on gamefaqs, this is the summer competition 2004 board...known previously as summer time contest 2002, summertime contest 2003, spring 2004 contest. This board consists of fads, kirbies, ackbars, cat-girl fans, and competitions. The god of this board is recognized as Ultimaterializer...his viewpoint frequently damages noobs. After that in-line is Tombs, Heroic Metool, Steinershocker, and Heroic Mario. The boardis also recognized for trolls - Silencer S (today an ex-troll), shin ramza, Icehawk...people just who believe they truly are kings - Funkadelict (thinks the sole correct viewpoint is him), the jp (calls himself a dictator associated with board)...the smart folks - Amazing Telephone (knows their games)...the jokers - Aeon Azuran, Steal This Account, Rei, GANON1025...and some others.The mod of board is red13n. Whenever he is around, he marks things.