What does auto mean?

auto meaning in General Dictionary

A combining kind using concept of self people self ones own itself its own

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  • an abbreviation of car
  • of or regarding a car as a car auto mechanic
  • an automobile with four rims; frequently propelled by an inside combustion motor

auto meaning in Etymology Dictionary

shortened kind of vehicle, 1899; exact same development yielded French car.

auto meaning in Insurance Dictionary

Due to the fact term happens to be defined in Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO), commercial automobile and commercial general obligation (CGL) plans, any land motor vehicle, trailer, or semitrailer created for vacation on community roads; or just about any other land automobile which topic to a compulsory or economic duty law or other car insurance coverage legislation in which its accredited or principally garaged. The word "auto" does not add "mobile equipment." This definition is very important in deciding whether responsibility coverage is afforded under a car liability plan or a CGL policy (in the case of mobile gear). See in addition Mobile gear, Car.

auto - Spanish to English

auto [coll.] [car, automobile]

auto - German to English

automobile that keeps the street really

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  • vehicle that pushes well
  • vehicle that drinks petrol
  • automobile [esp. Am.]
  • automobile [Am.] [coll.] [automobile]
  • automobile
  • top-of-the-range vehicle
  • entry level car
  • six-seater vehicle
  • vehicle that takes six
  • metallic blue vehicle
  • radio-controlled vehicle
  • vehicle with low mileage
  • chained vehicle
  • tire-chained vehicle [Am.]
  • automobile holding two individuals
  • automobile carrying two people
  • motorcar [Br.]
  • motor [Br.] [coll.] [car]
  • car of bad appearance

auto - French to English


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  • vehicle [Am.]

Sentence Examples with the word auto

He chose his subjects from the national history, and began with the Auto de Gil Vicente, in which he resuscitated the founder of the theatre, and followed this up with other prose plays, among which the Alfageme de Santarem takes the palm; finally he crowned his labours by Frei Luiz de Sousa, a tragedy of fatality and pathos and one 'of the really notable pieces of the century.

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