What does aril mean?

aril meaning in General Dictionary

an outside covering forming a false coat or appendage to a seed once the loose transparent bag inclosing the seed associated with the white-water lily The mace regarding the nutmeg normally an aril

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  • fleshy and often colorful cover of some seeds that develops through the ovule stalk and partially or totally envelops the seed
  • Alt. of Arillus

aril meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"accessory covering of seeds," 1794, from Modern Latin arillus, from Medieval Latin arilli, Spanish arillos "dried red grapes, raisins."

aril meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Alt. of Arillus

Sentence Examples with the word aril

Nephelium Longana, the longan tree, also a native of southern China, is cultivated in that country, in the Malay Peninsula, India and Ceylon for its fruit, which is smaller than that of the litchi, being half an inch to an inch in diameter with a nearly smooth yellowishbrown brittle skin, and containing a pulpy aril resembling that of the litchi in flavour.

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