What does apartment mean?

apartment meaning in General Dictionary

a-room in a building a division in a property divided from other individuals by partitions

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  • a collection of rooms generally on one flooring of an apartment residence
  • a-room in a building; a division in a house, separated from other individuals by partitions.
  • a collection or package of rooms.
  • A compartment.

apartment meaning in Law Dictionary

part of a house occupied by one, as the rest is occupied by another, or others. Regarding the meaning of this term, see 7 Man. & G. 95; 6 Mod. 214 ; McMillan v. Solomon, 42 Ala. 356, 94 Am. Dec. 654; Commonwealth v. Estabrook, 10 choose. (Size.) 293; McLellan v. Dalton, 10 Mass. 190; People v. St. Clair, 38 Cal. 137.

apartment meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1640s, "private spaces for the usage of one person within a home," from French appartement (16c.), from Italian appartimento, actually "a separated location," from appartere "to separate," from a "to" (see ad-) + parte "part, destination," from Latin partem (see component (n.)). Sense of "group of personal areas in a building completely of those" (the U.S. same in principle as Uk flat) is very first attested 1874.

apartment meaning in Business Dictionary

Dwelling product within a multi-unit construction (multifamily housing). Known as 'flat' in UK.

apartment - German to English


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  • level [esp. Br.]

apartment meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) An area in a building; a division in a residence, divided from others by partitions.

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  • (letter.) A group or suite of areas.
  • (n.) A compartment.

Sentence Examples with the word apartment

He had seen Lydia's bloodstained apartment and witnessed its disrupted condition.

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