What does agenda mean?

agenda meaning in General Dictionary

a temporally organized arrange for matters become dealt with

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  • a listing of matters you need to take up (as at a meeting)
  • of Agendum

agenda meaning in Law Dictionary

your order of items talked about in a meeting. The topics needs to be listed, past understanding must certanly be heard, plus the result needs to be guessed.

agenda meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1650s, from Latin agenda, literally "things to be achieved," neuter plural of agendus, gerundive of agere "doing" (see work (n.)). Initially theological (against matters of belief), feeling of "items of company become done at a gathering" very first attested 1882. "If one is needed (=one product associated with the schedule) it is now agendum, the previous singular agend becoming obsolete" [Fowler].

agenda meaning in Business Dictionary

Ordered sequence of what to be talked about in a formal meeting. The targets of plans feature to (1) acquaint individuals aided by the subjects is discussed and dilemmas is raised, (2) indicate what prior knowledge will be anticipated from participants, and (3) indicate just what outcome the participants may anticipate from meeting.

agenda - German to English


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  • session diary

agenda - French to English


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  • pocket diary

agenda meaning in General Dictionary

(pl. ) of Agendum

Sentence Examples with the word agenda

Romero Palafox, Agenda de la republica de Cuba (Havana, 1905).

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