What does accessible mean?

accessible meaning in General Dictionary

Easy of accessibility or strategy friendly as an accessible town or mountain an accessible person

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  • effective at becoming look over with comprehension
  • quickly gotten
  • capable of being achieved
  • easy to get along with or speak with; friendly
  • Simple of access or approach; approachable; because, an available city or hill, an accessible individual.
  • Open to the impact of; -- with to.
  • available; to-be got at.

accessible meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1400, "affording accessibility," from center French obtainable, from Late Latin accessibilis, spoken adjective from Latin accessus "a coming near, strategy" (see access (n.)). Indicating "easy to reach" is from 1640s; Of art or composing, "able becoming readily comprehended," 1961 (a term unnecessary in the many years before composing or art usually deliberately had been made not).

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accessible meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Simple of access or method; friendly; because, an accessible city or hill, an accessible individual.

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  • (a.) Open to the influence of; -- with to.
  • (a.) Obtainable; is got at.

Sentence Examples with the word accessible

It had complete control over the Euxine grain-trade; the absence of tides and the depth of its harbour rendered its quays accessible to vessels of large burden; while the tunny and other fisheries were so lucrative that the curved inlet near which it stood became known as the Golden Horn.

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