What does Star mean?

Star meaning in General Dictionary

showing the most crucial performer or part

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  • function as celebrity in a performance
  • function while the star
  • level with an asterisk
  • an airplane figure with 5 or maybe more points; frequently made use of as an emblem
  • an actor whom plays a principal role
  • a performer who gets prominent billing
  • someone who is dazzlingly competent in just about any industry
  • any celestial human body noticeable (as a place of light) from world through the night
  • (astronomy) a celestial body of hot fumes that radiates power produced by thermonuclear responses into the interior
  • a star-shaped character * used in printing
  • the topology of a network whoever elements are connected to a hub
  • one of many innumerable luminous bodies noticed in the heavens any heavenly human anatomy other than the sun's rays moon comets and nebulaelig
  • To set or adorn with stars or brilliant radiating systems to bespangle as a robe starred with treasures
  • to-be brilliant or attract interest as a star to shine like a star becoming brilliant or prominent to try out a component as a theatrical celebrity
  • the innumerable luminous bodies present in the heavens; any heavenly human body other than the sun's rays, moon, comets, and nebulae.
  • The polestar; the north star.
  • A planet expected to influence your future; (usually pl.) a configuration regarding the planets, supposed to affect fortune.
  • whatever resembles the figure of a star, as an ornament used regarding the breast to indicate position or honor.
  • particularly, a radiated level written down or publishing; an asterisk [thus, *]; -- utilized as a mention of an email, or to fill a blank in which anything is omitted, etc.
  • a composition of combustible matter found in the heading of rockets, in mines, etc., which, exploding floating around, gift suggestions a starlike appearance.
  • you of brilliant and appealing characteristics, specifically on community events, as a distinguished orator, a number one theatrical performer, etc.
  • To set or decorate with stars, or brilliant, radiating figures; to bespangle; as, a gown starred with treasures.
  • becoming bright, or entice interest, as a star; to shine like a celebrity; to-be brilliant or prominent; to play a component as a theatrical star.

Star meaning in Names Dictionary

A star.
Name Origin: Sanskrit
Name Gender: feminine

Star meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English steorra "star," from Proto-Germanic *sterron, *sternon (cognates: Old Saxon sterro, Old Frisian stera, Dutch ster, Old High German sterro, German Stern, Old Norse stjarna, Swedish stjerna, Danish stierne, Gothic stairno). That is from PIE *ster- (2) "star" (cognates: Sanskrit star-, Hittite shittar, Greek aster, astron, Latin stella, Breton sterenn, Welsh seren "star"), of unsure connection to various other roots. Some advise it really is from a-root meaning "to strew, scatter." Buck yet others question the old recommendation that it's a borrowing from Akkadian istar "venus." The origin regarding the typical Balto-Slavic term for "star" (Lithuanian žvaigžde, Old Church Slavonic zvezda, Polish gwiazda, Russian zvezda) is certainly not explained. Astrological feeling of "influence of planets and zodiac on individual matters" is taped from mid-13c., therefore "person's fate as figured within the stars" (c.1600); star-crossed "ill-fated" is from "Romeo and Juliet" (1592). Indicating "lead performer" is from 1824; star turn is from 1898. Movie stars as a ranking of quality for resorts, restaurants, etc. tend to be attested from 1886, initially in Baedecker guides. Sticker performers as benefits permanently students are recorded from 1970s. Brass celebrity as a police badge is taped from 1859 (new york). Star-cluster is from 1870. To see movie stars when a person is struck hard from the mind is from 1839.

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  • 1590s, "to affix a star or asterisk to," from celebrity (n.). From 1718 as "setting with stars." Indicating "perform the lead part" (of actors, singers, etc.) is from 1824. Wearing feeling is from 1916. Related: Starred; featuring.

Star meaning in Symbols Dictionary

a celebrity is a massive, luminous sphere of plasma held together by gravity

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  • a celebrity is an ideograph whoever external edge types a shaped polygon (usually rotationally so, but if not, bilaterally) whose vertices alternate between joining outward- and inward-pointing sets of sides.

Star - French to English

(movie) star

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  • celebrity

Star - German to English

common starling [Sturnus vulgaris]

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  • European starling [Sturnus vulgaris]
  • luminary [celebrity, esp. motion picture or movie theater]
  • starling [Sturnus vulgaris]
  • star [star]
  • star

Sentence Examples with the word Star

The transition from an object of this kind to a nebulous star is very natural, while the nebulous stars pass into the ordinary stars by a few graduated stages.

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